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Date when neutered (if applicable)
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Date First Acquired
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If you got your dog straight from the breeder, can you describe the breeders set-up? For example, did you see the parents? Was the puppy's pen in the breeder's home?
If your dog was a rescue, what do you know of their life and situation before you had them?
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Have you owned this breed before?
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Last Vaccination Date (Approx)
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Please complete this section is you had your dog from a puppy or know some of their early history.
Has your puppy ever attended a training class?
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Were the puppies offlead or onlead in class?
How well did your dog do in class?
Did you ever attend puppy parties at your vets?
What cues does your dog do on command?
Does your dog ever pull on the lead? *
Is your dog more obedient with some people more than others?
Is the dog protective around food? *
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Is her appetite good or poor? *
Does your dog eat quickly or slowly? *
Is your dog given any slow feeding items such as bones, chews or stuffed kongs? *
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