FEISTY FIDO Rehab Classes - Sunday 22nd September, 6th October & 20th October

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rehab class 2.jpg

FEISTY FIDO Rehab Classes - Sunday 22nd September, 6th October & 20th October



These classes give our more excited, frustrated, vocal or nervous pups a chance to train around dogs at a distance where they can learn to relax and think straight. The course focuses on each dogs confidence and self control, but the sessions also include a mix of scent work, games and training skills. This keeps it fun for both pup and owner.

Feisty Fidos is open to all dogs that have done a behavioural 121 by Anna at Widget's Farm or Kate Richardson.  This course provides further set ups in a class environment to help with dogs that show anxious or frustrated behaviours on sight of other dogs or people.   The Rehab classes are graded by levels which relates to the distance dogs will be worked at.  

Foundation dogs are worked in pairs at the greatest distance and owners have 121 support with either Anna or Kate. All rehab dogs will start at Foundation and progress to additional levels when agreed with distances reducing as the level increases. Level 1s and 2s are in a small class of up to 4 dogs and are again in and outside space. Level 3s may have up to 5 dogs and will include one off-site walk. The classes will give dogs new opportunities for exposure to triggers in a controlled environment to build apathy.  

Booking - if you would like to book, please add it to your basket and then choose which level you are applying for at check-out.

Widget's Farm is fully insured and Anna is a full member of the APBC, the IMDT and has a MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour.  

The whys and what nots...

Who: Dogs who have already undertaken a full behaviour assessment at Widget's Farm or through a suitably qualified behaviourist.  If you are unsure if your dog is applicable, please contact Widget's Farm to check before booking.

Where: Widget's Farm, Standerwick, BA112PR

Cost: £60

Duration: 30-50 minutes each week for three weeks

Foundation timings: depends on numbers but likely to be sometime between 10 and 1pm

Level 1 - 2: depends on numbers but expected to be early afternoon

Level 3: depends on numbers, but expected to be mid to late afternoon.

Class Dates: 22nd September, 6th October, 20th October (All Sundays)

What will you need: human, dog, harness, reinforcers, sense of humour

Do call Widget's Farm (07900 403126) if you would like any more information.  Further course details (directions etc) will be sent out in the week before class starts.

Please note: Training will take place outdoors depending on weather. The site has a certain level of disabled access however those with mobility problems should call beforehand to check suitability.  Our normal booking T&Cs apply (see link on right hand side of webpages) and allow refunds up to 30 days before the course starts minus the cancellation fee. 


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