Come and play in our secure fields! 

Complementary to our own behaviour work, Widget's Farm has offered secure fields for several years now and knows what dog owners want, and need, to be able to relax.  We have two secure fields with deer fencing all the way around and parking for one car within the field to allow you to close the gate behind.  Our 1.6m deer fencing is strong tornado wire with reducing space size towards the bottom - so catering for both jumpers or the small stealthy squeezers!   We also have options depending on your budget : our Paddock Field is 3 acres and priced at just £6 per standard slot, our Training Field is 7 acres and £10 per slot.  And If you are a frequent user you can bring down the price even further by taking advantage of our multi-buy packages.

7 acre secure field hire

***Closed 8th-13th November***

If you want a hassle free walk where you don't have to worry about other dogs, people or recall fails, then our secure field hire is for you.  Not only is it completely secure with 6ft fencing, it has a small lake and wonderful panoramic views.  If you decide to hire the field, you will be the only user at the booked time.  The cost is £10 per 50 minute slot with multi-booking packages available. Bookings can be made between 9am and dusk.  Further details are below.

My dogs absolutely love coming here. Thank you Anna for providing a great facility!

What do we need from you?

  • We follow the WSAVA guidelines on vaccinations so require every dog to have had a core vaccine within the last three years or being able to provide a positive titre test within the last year. We also require regular worming which is usually three-monthly depending on the treatment.

  • We welcome super duper, poo picker-uppers! Keeping the space clean for training and our other users is paramount.

  • Users should be happy with the wider T&Cs (please scroll to the bottom)

If you'd like to book a slot with Widget's Farm, and haven't been before, please contact us to arrange your induction - 07900403126 or through the form on the contact page

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